ESOPs for Plan Administrators, 2nd Ed. - PDF

This course material is designed to provide an administrator with a functional approach to employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) administration, with sufficient technical depth to highlight the most typical complex mechanics that arise in many ESOP applications. Administering ESOPs requires a certain level of understanding of the unique plan provisions that ESOPs contain. However, in addition to an ESOP's unique plan features, the transactional situations in which ESOPs are used must be explained in order to allow the administrator to correctly apply them. While ESOP administration can seem daunting and obscure, because there are so few ESOPs in most administrators' client lists, if an ordered approach is taken, an ESOP's special provisions become more understandable.

This course material is written for an administrator who has experience with the administration of defined contribution plans in general. Therefore, it does not cover every aspect of defined contribution plan administration - only those aspects that are unique to ESOPs.

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